AlterNativas international premiere screenshot participants

AlterNativas international premiere recording

On May 12th we hosted the international premiere of AlterNativas: building possible futures documentary. We share the recording with you all.

On Friday May 12th Red de Transición hosted the AlterNativas international premiere with Communities For Future. More than a hundred registered people could watch the film with English subtitles and have a conversation with part of the team.

AlterNativas:building possible futures is a collective documentary on ecosocial transition initiatives, aiming to ispire other possible futures, those that amazing communities like yours are making real today.

For more information on AlterNativas check the project’s website:

If you missed it, there will be plenty of opportunities to watch the film during the year –stay tunned and check the website and social media of the documentary.

The film is not open to everybody nor downloadable yet as it’s in its first phase of screenings and festivals. Will be open to all hopefully when the promotion phase ends. 

AlterNativas international premiere recording

Recording of the premiere session

Your kind words

Really touched by your words during the session and the messages and emails you’ve been sending.

Sharing some of them here:

Brilliant work Juan and all the ALTER NATIVAS crew.. love the name, love the doc, love that very “Spanish”, Catalan, Basque, Andaluz spirit of fight, resistance, disobedience, creativity, love of people and place… Love that its explicitly critical of capitalism also and shows accessible solutions of real people in real places creating real magic.

Let’s hope it’s core idea sparks and lights the fires of hope, further resistance and community led change..

Adelante amig@s.. 🌎❤️🌱🔥

Duncan Crowley

Super inspirational and positive – this is the type of film that encourages action, not paralysis.


Huge congrats to Juan, Agustí and everyone else involved. The film was so captivating and inspiring. I want everyone to see it, and once it’s possible I would love to screen it everywhere. The way you cover the spectrum from the economic to the emotional realms is so impressive and effective.

Alex Jensen

So grateful for this movie – that it was made that all these people exist and that i had an opportunity to be moved and inspired again ❤️

Anamarija Amlika

Alter Nativas trailer

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